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Students who are learning macroeconomics are required to learn different aspects of GDP and how it is calculated. Students look for online options and search ‘my assignment help to develop academic papers on economics because it is a critical subject, and students need to understand every bit of it. GDP is the gross domestic product which is the sum of all the goods, items, and services produced within a country. Some goods are generated for the international market and some for the national market, so all produced goods cannot be calculated to understand GDP. Some good produced by a country benefits the economy of a country more than the others. Hence it is essential to bifurcate the GDP into its components if you want to perform a thorough analysis. The equation of GDP is GDP = C + I + G + (X - M)

Here are some of the components of GDP.

  1. Consumption

It presents all the goods and services that are consumed by households like individual consumers. The first component of consumption gives you the best idea about the purchasing power of an economy. While calculating, if the C number is higher than the total GDP, it is a good sign. It indicates that the economy is driven by the consumers who have the purchasing power.

  1. Investment

The second component of GDP is an investment. It is the number of capital goods included by a country in a year. It is crucial to segregate the number of goods produced for the current consumption against the goods that will help expand the production in the near future. The I component of the GDP equation presents a better idea of what kind of effect GDP will have in an economy in the coming years. The higher investment in capital goods by the economy indicates the expected production to take off in the coming years.

  1. Government spending

The third component of GDP is government spending. It evaluates and measures the amount of money the government has spent in a year. While calculating the GDP, it is best not to include the transfer payments like social security or unemployment benefits. If the government spends a lot, it is not a good sign; it indicates that the economy is poorly managed.

The above mentioned three components of GDP can give a brief idea about the components. If you want to understand the equation and how it is measured, you can essay help, incorporating it in your assignment.


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