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Stormveil Castle Cleanup How to Elden Ring Items activate Godrick's Great Rune.Finally it's time to take the last of the items found in this castle and activate Godrick's Great Rune. You can teleport your way back towards the Liftside Chamber Spot of Gloriousness and walk back to the heavily guarded main gate that is accessible through the courtyard. The pathway is a little easier to clear when approached from the back, but it can still be an enormous pain. Make sure to use stealth as often as you can, and do not aggro several enemies at one time. Don't be afraid to back off if your need additional space or want just a few minutes to heal.

If you are at the top of the 2nd set of stairs be aware that the area is secured by two turrets as well as several firebomb throwing soldiers. If you're able to launch a ranged attack, you are able to take out these turrets soldiers from afar or else just race as quick as you can to the bottom, where you will be able to escape their range. From here you can scale the rocks that are set against the wall. then jump over the gap , allowing you to reach the posts where the turrets stand to kill their crews and discover the Arbalest.

Continue into the next large open area , where you'll encounter another large group of soldiers. Like the courtyard, you must draw them out carefully and do not try to get into the way of the huge lion enemy waiting on the other side. If you glance down the path , you will glimpse the gate that leads to the front and it's the last Spot of Grace from here but do not run towards it because there are more hidden turrets around the corner ready to buy elden ring weapons blow you away. Instead , you should sneak down the wall to the right, where they can't see you, then climb onto their platform . Kill all the turret operators, in addition to looting the Smithing Stone [2] and Smithing Stone [1] on their platform.

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The Wall

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