What I am actually asking is Barrows armour worth it for coaching? from Sunxuemei's blog

That offhand OSRS GP weapon if I use if Dual Wielding? I guessed that the Abyssal Whip offhand replicate I would not be able to get at the moment, as I lacked the required skills. So I guessed either a Dragon Scimitar or even a Dragon Dagger would be best, but then again I could be completely wrong.

If between a Dragon Dagger & Dragon Scimitar for offhand weapon, how am I meant to know which to pick? The main reason why I ask is because having checked Runescape Wiki, it states the Dagger & Scimitar have the exact same Damage (576) and Accuracy (1132). So down it to you deciding that you prefer the looks of or something different? I noticed that the Dagger is actually much cheaper though, so I was wondering why you'd select the Dagger within the Scimitar. Thanks guys.

I know I ask a good deal of questions, but I am back again! I've just levelled to 70 defence; essentially, my plan is to level the 3 melee skills to 70, then 75 before taking a break. Att and Def are at 70 now, Str at 65. Now I'm at 70 Def, you will find more options when it comes to armour. More specifically, I am considering shifting my body armour. At the moment I am using a Granite Body and in all honesty I am not much of a fan of itbut it gets the job done I guess.

What I am actually asking is Barrows armour worth it for coaching? I am not the richest (now got just about 1.2m) and it sounds a bit of a waste for me to keep repairing it once I do not PK or anything like that. Barrows armor is really great, almost certain it weighs a ton less than granite, and some of it's fairly good Prayer buy RuneScape gold bonuses (not that you'd need that).

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