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This idea, unlike OSRS gold my other two, wouldn't be a high level advancement. It could be a moderate level skill improvement. Yet it fits in the kind of desired improvements, so that I shall put it here. Additionally, I am aware this was brought up several times. However, if something has been cited many times then that's just evidence of high need for it.

In Falador, an individual can alter their family crest. The crests are available in many different shapes, with many distinct colors. One would think that in the event the family crest has been changed, then the colours of decorations such as rugs and drapes would also. Wellthey do not. The only colour all decorations come in is shades of white and red. When this looks very nice if one's family crest if white or red, any other color looks horrible in this setting.

Therefore, rugs and drapes should change color to match one's family crest colors. For instance, arrav's colors are blue and white. To follow suit, all drapes and rugs are either blue or white. If more than two colours are used, then possibly the colour least used can be the color of the cut on the opulent version of rugs and drapes.

If one wanted to alter their curtain and carpet colours after changing his / her family crest, then he / she could simply return to varrock to the secretary. The guy would reply'Certainly', and ask for a fee to supply the service. The fee will be 5000 gold each area. An individual could not have different colors per area; this would only make it simpler for the coding of this upgrade and for shorter loading OSRS Money times when making the house.

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