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I had been watching a video and they'd kings knights training area I did quests etc to get in there and its gr8 but I hit alot of 0's (orges in cages) but in a way itsd good as u dont need to run about making crabs pop up... can someone help me? What's the ideal location to train range with RuneScape gold a cannon? I have: 46hp, 62 range, 1 prayer, 1 def, 50 mage, str and att are non. There my stats and my cb is 41... The places I know are... Rock crabs, Kings knight coaching place, Stronghold. They are the areas I understand that give me good range xp and no additional xp if I use cannon. Can anyone suggest or tell me when I will hit frequently with a cannon or orges, ty.

I'm thinking of trying again. Although I prefer melee I'm much better at it. I've blue dragon hide. I have splitbark armor. Please inform me exactly what to do to defeat Treus. I am much better using melee, but if I need to do half and half I will do it. How should I do it. Thanks.

I am kinda getting bored. What if I do? Also which is best to earn money?

Where can I get Summoning charms? There are hundreds of buy osrs gold safe animals around RuneScape who have charms, so it ought to be a simple matter of running to some good combat area and killing some monsters to get charms to your Summoning skills.

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By Smarthuiyuan
Added Nov 9 '20



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