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Hitman 3, the final game in IO Interactive’s “World of Assassination” trilogy doesn’t deviate from its two immediate predecessors in any major ways. Its gameplay isn’t liable to surprise anybody who has experienced what the semi-rebooted approach to the Hitman franchise has to offer. Instead, its adjustments to the overall formula are more subtle in nature, but the effects are substantial. That said, anybody who decides to jump into the trilogy via its third entry will discover a game that is, arguably, the best title in a series that has differentiated itself from both shooters and stealth games since the 2016 episodic release of Hitman.

This time around there are only six missions, which is only two less than Hitman 2 had and one less than Hitman (2016) had but it still felt short. It isn’t helped that the last mission does away with the wide open map structure and is literally a linear, straight line. You still have plenty of options at your disposal but the last mission is easily the least interesting and kind of an underwhelming climax to not only this game but the trilogy.

Like in any videogame, the “themes” of Hitman are not foremost communicated by the narrative, but by gameplay. Moments of intimacy between characters aspire to a sense of resolution. This is seen with Diana, your guide in most missions, in the game’s penultimate level in an Argentinian winery, dancing with you after you kill the levels two targets.

Other changes include the gun combat, which has been made to feel looser, to surprising effect. In place of the ways in which you dominate each level in the second game, the looser combat feel adds a sense of mania that wasn’t there. The many assassination “opportunities” are present in Hitman 3 and are

What Hitman 3 does bring to the table are fresh new environments to explore, new marks to dispatch, and the continuation of 47’s story. Though the narrative in Hitman 3, or really the entire trilogy, isn’t its strongest or most appealing aspect, it does a fairly decent enough job to give 47 an excuse to hunt down powerful individuals. But if you haven’t played the previous two Hitman games in this trilogy, you most likely aren’t missing out on much as the story takes an almost backseat in comparison to its gameplay.

It is clear that the game is a direct continuation from the very start of Hitman 3’s first stage. The game doesn’t feature a slow opening, a briefing, or anything of that nature. It begins with a sky-dive toward the world’s tallest tower, and the momentum continues from there. There is also very little in terms of a tutorial for Hitman 3, which lends itself to that feeling of momentum, but could present an issue for newcomers to the stealth genre. There is a degree to which the game teaches the player, and on-screen markers prompt the player to use specific items and abilities in different situations, but the game seems to operate on the assumption that the player already possesses some basic knowledge about what they are meant to do and how they are meant to do it.

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