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The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists used to provide a 4-month study time-line but for some reason took that webpage down sometime in 2017. I recommend to talk to your peers who have passed the BCPS about their timeline and use their insights to help create your plan. Also related to preparation, have an idea of what materials you may want to obtain prior to starting your studies. Some pharmacists purchase study guides from ACCP or some BPS Study Materials folks may review old notes from school or residency. If you have been out of residency or the classroom for a little while, it may be helpful to think back on your best personal self-study habits. One of the best sources for study materials will also be your peers who have recently taken the test. 2. Identify strengths and weaknesses before you start studying What pharmacy topics are you strong in? What areas are you weak in or do you not practice regularly? Performing an assessment before starting to study will help you identify what areas you may need to focus on. For example if you are sitting for the pharmacotherapy exam and your practice is heavily based on cardiology, Exam Dumps Website maybe you only need to review a couple of topics in this area since you utilize these skills on a daily basis. Alternately, if say, infectious diseases is something you struggle with, it may be prudent to divert more of your attention toward this topic. Identification of certain gaps in your knowledge.

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