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Wonderful word, 'moist'. The parrots of pop culture will tell it's the worst word in the English language, but I think they need to spend less time around sleazebags and more getting proper moist. Lay back on salt marsh and listen to it gurgle. Lean against a mossy gorge wall while hiking along a river. That's the power of moist. How wonderful that the latest snapshot build of Minecraft's upcoming Caves & Cliffs update introduces much moistness: moss blocks, spore blossoms, dangling vines with glowing berries, and more.

The Caves and Cliffs Update for Minecraft is planned to release sometime in Summer 2021, and will be one of the largest Minecraft updates to date. Expect new mobs, blocks, items, terrain generation, and even ore to all make their way into the Caves and Cliffs Update.

Overall, this snapshot demonstrates just how much cooler spelunking is going to be upon Caves & Cliffs' final rollout. The combination of cave vines and glow berries will result in some nice little subterranean gardens, as will the new decorative blocks in the form of hanging roots and rooted dirt. There's also moss and spore blossom, as well as Azalea bushes that can grow from moss blocks once bone meal is added. These bushes can flower, too.

In keeping with the dank underground theme, dripleaf has been added: you'll find it growing on clay or underwater. You can stand on the bigger variants of these, but only for a while, as they'll start to tilt.

The plants are not purely decorative, however. The tendrils growing on the cave ceilings also have a chance to produce glow berries. They not only serve as a source of light, but also as a source of food that foxes also make use of.

On the other hand, you can stand on large drip leaves. However, you shouldn't dwell on them too long. Because when you are on them, they slowly bend away.

The snapshot patch also adds a few more distinct triggers for Sculk Sensors, the vibration-sensing fungus which can be patched into computer networks. I cannot yet imagine what strange and wonderful contraptions these frequences will fuel.

Caves & Cliffs is due to launch later this year. I don't muck about with snapshots myself but am keen to play the finished update. Bring me the moist, Mojang.

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