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Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls will reproduce the remake version of the Diamonds and Pearls story after the renovation. The game takes place in the Sinnoh area, the original game has been faithfully copied for Switch, and the sense of the scale of towns and routes has been carefully preserved.

If you are playing the original game, you will find many familiar places after the game is updated. In addition to close-range shooting games, you can also look forward to the "easy to understand, player-friendly convenience" introduced in the recent Shiny Pokemon core series of video games. And personal battle scenes.

Before departure, the trainers will choose Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup as their first companions. Along the way, you will be able to meet the legendary Pokémon Dialga in the shining diamonds, and the legendary Pokémon Palkia in the shining pearls.

Many players' feelings for Pokémon have become a kind of companionship. It accompanies many players through their teenage and adolescent years. Some players can no longer invest too much time in the game because of their studies or work. Based on this, MMOSO helps Players can get rid of boring game tasks, acquire Pokémon quickly, and enjoy a more enjoyable game experience. Currently, we support the more popular pokémon sword and shield. All Pokémon can be obtained through, which is very convenient and fast.

Players participating in the competition will learn how to breed competitive Pokémon. It is relatively easy for players to find powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Swords and Shields, but breeding is still the best way to obtain competitive Pokémon.

Before breeding, it is important to have judgment. The judgment function allows players to view the personal values ​​of Pokémon, usually called IV. These IVs will determine various statistics. A competitive Shiny Pokemon will usually have at least five attributes with a perfect IV. Without the judgment function, the IV cannot be viewed. To obtain the function of judgment, the player must become the Galar champion and then defeat the first three floors of the tower. Since then, Leon will provide players with referee functions.


There are two Pokémon Nurseries in Sword and Shield, one on Highway 5 and the other on the bridge field in the wilderness area. You can speed up the hatching of eggs by first having a Pokémon with flame body ability in the party. Carkol, Coalossal, Sizzlipede and Centiskorch can use this function.


Casual players often overlook the importance of nature, but it is extremely important in competitive games. Each property will increase a certain statistic and decrease the other statistic. The easiest way to find a Pokémon with the correct nature is to find another Pokémon of that nature in its egg group, give that Pokémon to Everstone, and make it breed with the female of the desired breed. The egg will have the desired Pokémon of the correct nature. Then, you can give that small animal to Everstone and Ditto for breeding.

On the Statistics page above the ability, statistics that will naturally be affected are highlighted in red and blue. The increased status will be highlighted in red, and decreased status will be displayed in blue. With the introduction of mints, the status changes of Pokémon can be changed without changing the basic attributes of Pokémon. Make sure to check which statistics are affected on this screen.


Most Pokémon usually have hidden abilities and game abilities. The best way to obtain standard abilities is to simply make female Pokémon dogs match the above. Pokémon without hidden ability cannot breed with a Pokémon. Pokémon with hidden abilities can only be found in the wild of "Max Raid Battles". They can also be bred and sold to others.

Once the desired Pokémon has the correct nature and abilities, it needs to be reproduced to obtain the perfect IV. Usually, only five perfect IVs are needed for a Pokémon. MMOSO provides Pokémon with various attributes. You can communicate with our customer service in advance before placing an order. We support 24/7 online service.