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I have many other comments and hints on the game I will discuss later if anyone has any comments on this little article don't hesitate to leave anything or ask any question. If you would like to OSRS Gold contact me although runescape my charaters title is andrewapekin. I hope you enjoyed reading my moderate sized forum article.

This topic isn't going to be elaborate just a bunch of boring text. Therefore, in the event that you don't want to read alot then you can leave this article right... NOW!

Karajama, Birmenhaven, Crandor, Entrana, Miscellania. They are all islands. These are only a few islands, and in many islands there are dungeons, quests, new monsters or some combination of the three. Now to reach these islands, you have to charter a ship, fly there or teleport there. These ways can be a real pain sometimes so to address every one of your problems simply sail there! I've decided, by mass popularity that the skill be called"Sailing" - I will leave the survey up just to see your thoughts.

Now, to start your adventure at sea, you have to go to any port in Runescape. Now you can purchase the"Frame" of this ship for a certain sum of money depending on what it's made out of. The framework and ship itself is going to be made out of wood. As soon as you buy the frame from the pub or whoever is in charge you need to get stuff. Now it's much like building.

Now the framework itself can be three different sizes. Small frames price 10k, Medium frames price 50k and Large frames cost 100k. Nowadays you get started nailing the planks on to the frame until you have completed the frame. You'll need about 100 planks total to complete the exterior of the boat. As your level progress, you'll be able to Cheap OSRS Accounts add more to your ship. You are able to increase size of your boat or even buy more than one boat. Think about it. An whole armada of boats under your control (If you are loaded at least).

After you've verified you employment,you should see your mercenary behind you following you.You may right-click the mercenary and then select attack target.Your cursor would change to a crosshair and then you can choose what monster you need your mercenary to OSRS Gold fight.He would accompany your commands obediently.They can reply to simple questions like'how are you' or'is your weapon any great' or'hows your family' and many others.

The mercenary would follow you around all day until you dismiss him and he will return to the bar/pub/tavern where he was hired by you and stay there till you return for him.Or you could fire him and he would go back to where you hired him and then you can hire new ones.

It's nothing like Pouch Creating (Summoning), aside from the fact they aid you in battle! I think that it's a great idea. I also believe that you should add different ranks of each mercenary. Like, rank 1 uses and wears bronze, and needs a lot per struggle, position 2 wears/uses iron, and needs a lot more, and so on.

Additionally, you could do the same using archers, just go from leather to Dark D Hide. Additionally, with mage, you might have black/blue robes to Infinity. Perhaps each could have a different staff, from such as, Earth Staff to Air Battlestaff. I don't know, just an idea. Additionally, you must add they are just aids, and you don't get the experience from them.

Hi all, Wizard here. I'll be copy-and-pasting from WordPerfect, and once I saved it the thread was designed for the RuneScape Forum audience. Please, pretend you're on the RuneScape forums while reading this. :mindful: NOTE: This thread is aimed at HIGHER LEVEL MAGIC, so nothing below 70. In reality, I think that the lowest level this could impact is around level 80, but I will call it seventy to support my critics. I wrote the following to Cheap Old School RS Gold provide a reason for my suggestions. If you understand that high-level magic is underpowered, feel free to bypass everything in italics.