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Simply saying, its. I am not saying we all know for PSO2 Meseta sure it WON'T happen but when you consider that: the recent NA version already has global evaluations. Phantasy Star games that are past always had EU and NA discuss servers. Well simply making the NA variant a Global version seems possible and more likely.

Yeah, PSOBB on PC and Phantasy Star Universe had servers shared for international players (SEGA of Japan made the Japanese variant of PSU's Xbox 360 version link to the global servers). The justification was SEGA's need to be able to manage their JP version without needing to worry about the industry. The couple of times they talked about this they cited having the ability to deliver region exclusive updates after all... in PSO2's situation, they didnt want to be paying for global rights to collab nor to consider if collabs with specific companies like Dawson or some vague anime would be applicable to this Western players to warrant the cost of global rights. The variant is wanted by SEGA that which would appeal to them and to be its own thing targeted mainly at the market.

Any ideas if the"additional PC platforms" will even crossplay? I know Steam has had some MMOs that had Steam-only servers while some elderly MMOs they'd didn't. PSO2 is a sport which is based around platform much in precisely the same manner as FFXIV. Steam includes. Not sure about Epic, Uplay or Origin though as if it's coming to any other"PC platforms", it is going to be these ones.

I can not see it arriving to ones such as GOG Galaxy,, Bethesda Launcher, Battlenet or the Nexon Launcher (though GOG Galaxy and for various motives from the rest of course, these two are far more indy-oriented while another three are overly proprietary-focused and less well known for being storefronts up to they're the way you play with Phantasy Star Online 2s from these publishers). Maybe the Discord Store and Twitch program? (those are worse than Epic and Origin, therefore I have doubts (the Discord Store is dead, makes me wonder if they're still selling matches in the Twitch program )). What else is there anyway?

Assuming the unlikely scenario that the EU version is not a distinct client and server. I really don't see why not? The way these things operate. It would only be the NA version, we'll be lucky if they provide us EU-hosted ships as an option or other languages (contrary to popular theory, a game does not need to be localized to all European languages to release there, lots of Sega games including Yakuza are offered only in Japanese and English all around the world). As for Steam. PSO2 has substituted the SEGA ID system for Microsoft accounts. Additional Microsoft has been wanting to enlarge Xbox Live to additional programs such as Switch and PS4. This is already the case with Cupheads on Change in addition to buy meseta pso2 the numerous platforms which Minecraft is on.