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Students these days are given many written assignments to do at home. Therefore, it is quite normal to have a mental block while writing a mid-term essay or a dissertation or a thesis. This is when students resort to a cheap essay writing service and get poorly written articles delivered.

Often students who do not have a flair for writing hire essay writer who provide help at cheap rates. However, if you pick a cheap essay help service, you run the risk of getting poor quality content that can affect your grades severely.

Now if you are wondering what can be the worst consequence, here is the answer. Cheap essay services have novice and under-qualified writers who make these fatal errors while writing your paper for you.

  1. Poor Introduction

The introduction is an essential part of the essay since it gives the reader an idea of the essay topic. However, young academic writers often start their essays poorly without a proper introduction thus composing an average piece.

  1. Diversion

Writers who are not aware of the correct techniques for writing an essay often deviate from the main topic while fulfilling the word count required. They write on irrelevant issues and ends up causing a digression for the person who is reading it. 

  1. Including a Thesis Statement

A perfect thesis statement is essential to write a compelling essay. Essay helpers often fail to talk about the main idea about the topic in the thesis statement, and this makes your grades suffer. 

  1. Transition Sentences

Amateur writers often write unrelated sentences in an essay that hinders the flow of it. This habit of the essay writers can make your essay suffer due to the lack of transition sentences.

  1. Lack of examples

Professors and teachers expect that the students provide examples while writing their assignments to support their point of view on the chosen topic. However, writers of cheap essay writing services do not know the proper rules for writing an essay and do not include enough examples in the paper.

  1. Use of Complex Sentences
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Many of the writers have a common misconception when it comes to writing. They think writing wordy sentences can fetch a student better marks. Complex sentences are difficult to read and understand. Using vocabulary of an advanced level is not a good thing either.

One of the most serious factors to take into consideration when you hire a Assignment Assistance is the risk of plagiarism. So make sure you are aware of how good the service is and then opt for them.

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