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Dia Jones
Dia Jones Sep 29 '21
If you are facing any issue of Disabled Facebook Account then you can follow these instructions to resolve such issue.
  • The sudden deactivation of your account by Facebook indicates that you have committed a deadly error that could threaten your account. You cannot disable your own account like you can when you disable your own account before. In order to be able to restore your account (if that is possible), you need to take several steps.
  • Please visit is possible to restore your account if you feel that your account has been disabled due to a mistake on Facebook. Prepare the information that will be provided to Facebook after you've accessed Facebook's complaint form as shown below.

  • At this point, we recommend you use email, because an email notification will be sent to you once your Facebook account verification process has been completed.

  • If you never made any changes to your identity when you created your Facebook account, enter the data on the form.

  • Take a picture of your identity card with your smartphone and upload it. Be sure it is the actual picture on your identity card. In order for Facebook to classify an identity card as good, the image quality must be high wants. 

  • The final form requires that you explain why you are complaining. Ensure your sentences are short, clear, and understandable.

  • Following completion of all the forms and data required by Facebook, you will need to press the "Submit" button to confirm your data.