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zetka Dec 15 '21

Get a free VIN check with our service

What is a VIN number?

The abbreviation VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number — "vehicle Identification number". It specifies 17 characters, including numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. They encode the country of manufacture, manufacturer (assembler), vehicle type, year of manufacture and individual body number. The VIN code is on all cars produced since 1981.

Get a free VIN check with our service

Individual companies add optional details to the identification number: the car model, fuel type, configuration and type of security system. Thanks to this, you can get a lot of useful information about American and German cars even without additional services. Paper reference books, computer programs and mobile applications are used for decryption.

The VIN number of the car is applied to the inseparable parts of the body - most often under the hood or next to the windshield pillar. It can also be indicated on special nameplates, which are manufactured according to a single standard. To fake the VIN of a machine, you need to know the principle of its construction — the code contains control symbols that allow you to detect falsification.

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