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What I believe OSRS needs A client from Jagex

I'm making this post? So in this post I will discuss a couple of rs 3 gold things that actually must happen in my opinion since I think a standardized customer goes a long way to get RuneScapes health. It's been 7 years after all and also the jagex client remains unusable in my view. About the dev streams around 2017-2018 before cellular released they spoke a lot about the way the new renderer was very important to making RuneScape working on mobile and how they could implement it on PC after mobile released. OSRS cellphone released 2 years ago now without any information on a new renderer.

The shortage of base client features that are a must have that are available on third party clients like: loot tracker, xp each hour and activity overlays honestly only leave me confused how they are not at the jagex customer. Every other big MMO that I can think about service community created plugins, so the reason is that the community have to develop their own API by reverse engineering the customer which gets the third party clients in trouble for implementing features that jagex doesn't allow and induces play. Implementing an API would mean that the plugins which are produced by the neighborhood are permitted by jagex.

This is not as significant but something I'd like to see, it's evident that jagex does not want to implement a toggle for enhanced images in RuneScape due to the amount of time it might add onto each project into RuneScape. So rather let the community! At this time I think RuneScape has tons of content, therefore I think it would be a fantastic time to slow the content down and instead focus on a new and enhanced customer.

Jagex would never create a client that is better at Runelite at this point. If it's better then it's"EZscape", whether it's worse people could just continue to utilize Runelite. It's a lose-lose. When it's the same features as Runelite it is only a waste of time so Jagex can place their own name on it. Not sure why you would want Jagex to make a Runelite clone instead of content. It nevertheless needs to be done imo although it is a lose-lose. RuneLite could simply stop being daily, or another devs and Adam could start charging money to use the customer.

Plus when Jagex's client was useable to the stage where we could only ban the rest of the customers, we can eliminate a massive chunk of bots very easily. We shouldn't wait for RuneLite to take OSRS hostage before Jagex updates their own. It's like moving out of you're parents home before you get kicked out. It looks like there isn't a fantastic reason to do it because you get to live lease, but at the long run it is saving you from hard times and buy old school runescape gold opens up new opportunities.
  • Created: Aug 19 '20
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