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I really do like PSO2

I perform on DC PSO private servers and PSO2 Meseta the GC and there's been a growth in participant base since NA PSO 2 got declared. But the gamers online stay at a continuous number. We can hit 30 on GC on a weekend evening which, may not sound like a lot but trust me thats a fantastic achievement. Dreamcast going strong with players logging in frequently, albeit a bigger community than GC. Blue Burst gets the player base from og PSO, they still do fairly well but no more play BB myself. I dont believe PSO will die tbh. I really do like PSO2, but it simply doesn't have that charm about it. I dip in and out of it.

When I struck the issue of windows asking for a program to open the app, it was because I had not finished doing everything the powershell program needed me to do. It spat out a log record, and once I browse the log file, I saw instructions to move the program and run it in a different folder. Which led to a lot of stuff being performed, and PSO2 worked at the conclusion. The Tweaker by itself is not enough. There is a powershell program the guide for the tweaker says to operate, and that app has instructions in the log file it makes. This complication is why I do not feel comfortable advocating PSO2 to random people yet, in spite of the Tweaker.

One that really does strike me as strange is the way this PD different from persona PD though. The lasers and attack colour scheme by way of example is different (bright purple vs black and white), the strikes also feel like you're striking ink (most attacks to PD and from PD has that watery black and white impact ) that I find interesting. Probably a artistic description of erasing the fabric of reality itself? I mean that's what PD wants on each Phantasy series and on average anime / RPGs it is usually depicted as white and black just like how spilling ink works on drawings in paper (erases / ruin's detail).

PSO2 is late to the Market and yet it feels like nothing but a money grab at this point. The advertising and costs for everything is out of versions that are outdated. Maybe this still works in Japan, but in comparison to western MMOs. I had hoped that because they added the assignment pass, they may have changed some things around to cater fat opportunity, to the market to that. PC players in North America that were dedicated enough to go so far as play and looked forward to an NA launch have gotten more but the flavor of SEGAs boots' base to nothing.

I don't think PSO2 deserves to fail in any way, but I think that it might if they do not get their shit together. The launch was a complete tragedy. Also the entire outfit/cash shop thing is horrible. I hate waiting searching or daily for new clothes which aren't even perm however in this rotation. I mean I never seen. Is it like this in Japan? They were able to nurture a marketplace where people are happy about lootboxes and FOMO crap in japan f2p are like this and worse. They had to place some limitation with cheap meseta pso2 laws because the shit was totally bonker, like selling pieces in lootboxes which do only grant a prize if you get them all.
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