"Metallurgical testing and assaying have been around since man began using minerals and metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. As time passes, we continuously find ways to do things more efficiently. In the spirit of doing things efficiently, we produce this book to incorporate using statistical software such as R-programming and experimental design in metallurgical and assay analysis. This text completes the gap between theory and application via testing, analysis of experimental results, and visualization of a wide range of repeatable metallurgical experiments suitable for fieldwork and university laboratory practical work. Throughout this text, the author presents a relationship between theory and experiments while maintaining the importance of experiments in improving our everyday life. This text includes not only metallurgical and assay testing via illustration, but also diverse and clear descriptions of steps needed for the successful reproduction of the experiments. In this text, an additional section is devoted to introducing R-programming. The manuscript is well written and done, it can be used alongside my text on aqueous metallurgy. As the use of data keeps increasing in the process industry, this text is very much needed in the metallurgical and chemical industries. It is therefore written for metallurgical, chemistry, and chemical engineering
students and those in the field."
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